Experience of use Brilliance SF

Before and after using anti-aging cream Brilliance SF-personal experience

Snezana, Riga.

Hello everyone! Today, I decided to comment on how to quickly transform outward and open a new page in life. This anti-aging cream mainly helps me. In my comment, I will introduce you my personal experience, what kind of tool it is, how to use it, and I will show my photos before and after.

Brilliance SF-use reason

A mediocre story. The children grew up, I grew up, and my husband went to another young and beautiful place. I was born a very optimistic person, so I did not feel sad for a long time and decided to use my spare time for my benefit. I went shopping, bought a modern and stylish new wardrobe, went to a beauty salon, and met a friend. She likes everything "new" around me, but doesn't like my face. She said I look 10-15 years older. I rushed to the beautician for consultation.

I firmly oppose botulinum toxin injections and other similar procedures. The beautician recommends Brilliance SF anti-aging cream. She said that in our country, this is a brand new treatment in the field of beauty and health, but it is already very popular in many European countries. It is made of natural ingredients, does not cause side effects and allergies, and is very effective in fighting aging-related skin changes, as proven by clinical tests and consumer reviews. So I decided to try this cream. The first photo shows my face before use.

Anti-aging cream-usage, application

As far as I know, Brilliance SF first restores facial skin cells, thereby rejuvenating the skin. The natural ingredients-vitamin C and wheat protein-caught my attention because I heard that they have magical properties in the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. In addition, it also contains vitamin E, which can add moisture and nutrition.

Facial rejuvenation at home-the result of using Brilliance SF anti-aging cream

The package tells you how to use the cream-just like a normal cream. The only method recommended by the manufacturer is to apply the cream with gentle massage movements to make the action as effective and fast as possible. I start using Brilliance SF every day, twice a day (morning and evening). I like the first cream applied. Lightweight and lightweight texture, easy to apply on the face, quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy layer. Makes the skin soft, silky and very soft. Reduce irritation, dryness and improve skin tone.

Facial skin rejuvenation-results of using Brilliance SF

I am 100% satisfied with the result. After three months of daily use, wrinkles are no longer as prominent as before (the result used in the second photo). The face looks much younger. No allergies, side effects, etc.

I recently met a friend who was surprised that I can achieve this effect with just one cream. I also met a man. He is younger than me, but it's fun to be with him, it's fun, and now I don't have time to be bored. The relationship is super good. If I were like before, he would not look at me. Thank you Brilliance SF for injecting new life into my face.

I recommend this cream to all girls and women as an effective and safe treatment for daily facial care and keeping skin young!